The sixth annual conference NISK – Model United Nations

The sixth annual conference NISK – Model United Nations was held, organized by the MUN school club represented by students Diana Gubaidullina ( secretary general), Adil Shayakhmetov and Darina Manenova (committee chairs). The conference was attended by 23 students of grades 7-11, among whom were students from such schools as BIL, gymnasium No. 93 named […]

The 3rd Annual Model UN Conference

On January 25, 2020 our school hosted the 3rd annual Model UN conference. The conference was organized by the UNESCO club as part of the English language month and the GPPR. More than 40 people, including students of the Lyceum "Bilim-Innovation", schools "Daryn" and "Muragher", participated in the conference. The 3rd Annual Model UN conference [...]

The inauguration ceremony of a school self-government president

The inauguration ceremony of a school self-government president was held today at Nazarbayev Intellectual School in Karaganda. At the end of the event the school principle, Ravil Yakupov congratulated the new president of the school self-government and wished further success. In his turn, Merey Serik swore an oath during the morning school assembly, promising to [...]

The school presidential election

The elections of the school government president have been held on the basis of free and secret ballot in accordance with the established rules at Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Karaganda today. During the election campaign for the presidency of the school, applicants from Grades 10-11: Adiya Kairulla, Aibar Zhonkin, Alina Smolyaninova, Dana Rakhymbek, Danial Zhanabaev, [...]

The Youth Forum «Zhaurtau kezdesu»

13 September 2019 in Temirtau city a team of students of Nazarbayev Intellectual school took a part in the Republican Youth Forum-festival. This forum became a platform for young people of Kazakhstan were able to gain new knowledge and to share skills with others. The panel of judges included an actor, Kazakh Honored Artist, the [...]

Karaoke in Kazakh

September 13, 2019 in the morning at 8.00-8.15 Department of the Kazakh language and literature within the subject month "Language-the basis of spirituality" held an event karaoke in Kazakh. The students of grades 7-9 Nazarbayev Intellectual school of Karaganda was attended at event. The purpose of the event is to foster a sense of spiritual [...]

Қарағанды қонақтарды қарсы алуда

Футзал бойынша Назарбаев Зияткерлік мектептері оқушыларының құрама командалары арасындағы желілік Спартакиада 2019 жылы 12-14 маусымда өтеді. Бүгін біздіңмектеп футзал бойынша желілік Спартакиада қатысушыларын қарсы алуда. Командалар Нұрсұлтан, Қостанай, Көкшетау, Петропавл қалаларынан келді. Бүгінгіге жарыс басталар алдында қатысушылар демалып жаттығуда.

“Uly dala muragerleri-Heirs of the great Steppe”

From May 31 to June 5, 2019, in one of the hundred sacred places in Kazakhstan, the tract of Bektauat of the Ortaderesinsky rural district of Aktogay district, at the camp “Fakel”, the 2nd stage of the Republican forum “Uly dala muragerleri-Heirs of the great Steppe” took place, in which about 200 NIS, specialized Schools [...]
At the last bell ceremony, 79 graduates of Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Karaganda graduated today. 15 graduates are applicants for "Altyn belgi", and another 15 are applicants for a certificate with honors, representing 38% of all graduates. In addition, 22 graduates have already won grants to the best universities in the country and abroad, especially [...]
On May 4, 2019, on the eve of the 74th anniversary of the Great Victory, students and teachers of Nazarbayev Intellectual School attended the long-awaited premiere of the performance “Qyran Qazaq” of the Karaganda regional Kazakh drama theater named after Saken Seifullin dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Soviet Union Hero - Nurken Abdirov. [...]