“Edible Books” Festival

Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Karaganda hosted a festival of “Edible Books”. The event, organized by teacher-librarians and teacher-organizer-curators. The festival was attended by students and parents of 13 Shanyraqs .

The participants of the festival organized an exhibition-fair of confectionery products based on books included in the project “100 books recommended for reading for students of the Intellectual Schools”: “Abai Zholy” by Mukhtar Auezov, “Ulpan” by Gabit Musirepov, “Когда отдыхают ангелы” by Marina Aromshtam , “Где нет зимы” by Dina Sabitova, “The Little Prince ” Antoine de Saint-Exupery , “The chronicles of Narnia » C.S. Lewis etc.

Such events increase the prestige of reading among students, develop creative abilities, involve parents in the school community, unite the efforts of the library and the curatorial service of the school in developing the reading culture of students.

As a result of the festival, the participants were awarded prizes and nominations.