Panorama of Successful Lessons

From January to February, the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Karaganda hosted a cycle of interactive lessons – “Panorama of Successful Lessons”. Interactive lessons in all academic subjects were conducted by experienced teachers.

Bakytzhan Issina, Kazakh Language and Literature teacher, conducted an interactive lesson which was dedicated to the novel “Tulpar” by Ilyas Yessenberlin. Schoolchildren learned the skills of building models of texts of different styles and genres through case study.

– Such interactive lessons are aimed not only at developing the experience of young professionals, but also at compiling the best lesson plans within the professional development goal of experienced teachers, – Bakytzhan Issina says.

Zhanar Baimetova, Geography teacher, conducted an interactive lesson on the topic “Methods for improving anthropogenic landscapes”. The lesson used a combination of the system-activity method and the Case- study method, which are aimed at developing the research skills of students and the skill of creating geographical models. To achieve the goal of the lesson, situational tasks have been developed.

Maya Beissenbekova, Physics teacher, conducted an interactive lesson on the topic “Electrical resistance. Resistivity. Resistor. Rheostat”. In this lesson, effective methods of working with students were shown through the implementation of activity-based learning approach aimed at developing students’ skills in analyzing and interpreting data.

– This teaching approach is aimed at the development of each student, at the formation of their individual abilities, the development of general educational activities, the creation of favorable conditions for their multi-level training, – Maya Beissenbekova shared .