The implementation of the social project “Accelerated course of rehabilitation of post-stroke patients” was completed

The implementation of the social funding project “Accelerated course for the rehabilitation of post-stroke patients” was completed. The project was designed on the basis of the Program for the recovery of post-stroke patients through the interactive application Stroke Rec AR.

This social project won the funding competition for the best projects of volunteer organizations in the Karaganda region. For the amount of a funding of 500 thousand tenge, the volunteers of the school club “Bridge of Goodness” purchased the equipment necessary for conducting a course on the rehabilitation of patients on the basis of the Rehabilitation Center of the clinic “Гиппократ” in Karaganda.

The study, which was conducted over a period of 7 weeks, was aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of the Stroke Rec AR program in rehabilitation after a stroke. The results of the study showed that 8 patients in the experimental group treated with the SR program showed a significant improvement in cognitive and motor functions, memory, attention, and problem solving compared to 7 patients in the control group who received traditional rehabilitation treatment.

Overall, this leads to the conclusion that the study provides preliminary evidence that the SR program can be an effective tool for stroke rehabilitation and can lead to greater improvements in cognitive and motor function, memory, attention, and problem-solving abilities compared to traditional rehabilitation methods.

We wish the author of the program, 12th grade student Ulan Mustafin, further success in research to improve the rehabilitation program.