Meetings “In the circle of friends” continue

Teachers, the creative group of the dormitory puppet theater and volunteers of the school club “Мост Добра (Bridge of Kindness)” of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School, within the framework of the “Young Theater actors” project, came to the next meeting with friends at the CSI “Center for Supporting Children with Special Educational Needs” of Karaganda city.

Actors-puppeteers prepared an interesting performance based on the folk tale “Колобок” for the children from the orphanage. They skillfully controlled the puppets and figuratively voiced the roles, causing delight and joy among the grateful spectators – the younger children of the orphanage, who watched the characters with great interest. And after the performance they tried and learned how to control the puppets in bright costumes.

After watching the performance, the volunteers played the game “Веселые загадки (Funny riddle)” and the quiz “Угадай сказку! (Guess the fairy tale!)” with the children. All the children took part, guessed riddles, and remembered the names of famous fairy tales, recognized their favorite characters, and received sweet prizes.

Then all the children with volunteers charged with wonderful emotions in a joint dance flash mob.

At the end of the program, our little friends expressed their sincere gratitude for the excellent time spent and said that they would look forward to the next meeting in the theater lovers’ project.

“Every time you come to the orphanage, you understand that a sincere “thank you” from the children of the orphanage after the performance gives teachers and students touching feelings that are difficult to describe, they go through the very heart. At the same time, this is a huge motivation and desire to create further. These meetings within the framework of the project provide an opportunity to introduce children to the world of the theater, develop their creative potential, imaginative thinking, and imagination, as well as surround them with attention, give them the joy of communication and human warmth, ” – Elmira Mukatova, educator and head of the hostel puppet theater, shared her thoughts.