Information on the availability of vacant posts of pedagogical workers and persons equated to them in Nazarbayev Intellectual school of the chemical-biological direction in the city of Karaganda

Библиотекарь (знание английского обязательно)1

To participate in the competition must submit the following documents:
1. The registration sheet filled in by hand.
2. A copy of the identity card / passport (the candidate submits the relevant original document upon arrival at the competition).
3. A copy of the document confirming the labor activity, certified by a notary or in another order established by law.
4. Resume with a photo.
5. Documents confirming professional education and qualifications;
6. 1 photo in the size 3×4.
7. Medical certificate according to the form established by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
8. Additional information concerning their education, work experience, professional level and reputation (copies of documents on advanced training, appropriation of academic degrees and titles, characteristics, recommendations, scientific publications, etc.).
To address and send documents to the address: Karaganda, Shakhterov Avenue, 62. Detailed information can be obtained by phone in Karaganda: 8 (7212) 55-88-80, or send a resume: Kz