The school presidential election

The elections of the school government president have been held on the basis of free and secret ballot in accordance with the established rules at Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Karaganda today.

During the election campaign for the presidency of the school, applicants from Grades 10-11: Adiya Kairulla, Aibar Zhonkin, Alina Smolyaninova, Dana Rakhymbek, Danial Zhanabaev, Daryn Kulkenov, Diyara Baimanova, Dilnaz Bazarova, Yernar Bekbolat, Merey Serik, Nurasyl Amangeldi, Timur Akhmetov introduced the school community to their election program. The courage of each candidate should be noted: the ability to openly express their point of view, to give arguments in defense of their own opinions and to show their leadership qualities.

By the decision of the counting commission on the highest number of votes, Merey Serik, a student of Grade 11 was elected as president of the school for the 2019-2020 academic year.