The seventh annual conference NISK – Model United Nations

The seventh annual conference NISK – Model United Nations (MUN) was held, organized by the MUN school club represented by students Diana Gubaidullina (general secretary) and Adil Shayakhmetov (expert). Anuar Turlybay, Aruzhan Akysh, Zhanel Taukenova, and Sabina Aitbekova performed as chairmen of the committees.

The conference was attended by 35 students in grades 8-12. During the Model UN, the participants discussed such world problems as “Violation of human rights in the occupied Palestinian territory” and “Chinese dominance in the Pacific Ocean region”.

According to the results of the conference, Zhansultan Zhumashev, Sagi Bakytkeldi (best delegates), Abilmansur Alimbaev, Amirkhan Sandybaev (honorable mentions), Aruzhan Koshekbaeva, and Adelya Tulegenova (best position papers) became the winners of the nominations.

Through participation in the conference, students had the opportunity to develop their leadership and public speaking skills. The students gained experience in teamwork and shared their perspectives with each other.

Participation in the Model UN is a unique opportunity to develop critical thinking, while broadening one’s horizons.