The 3rd Annual Model UN Conference

On January 25, 2020 our school hosted the 3rd annual Model UN conference. The conference was organized by the UNESCO club as part of the English language month and the GPPR. More than 40 people, including students of the Lyceum “Bilim-Innovation”, schools “Daryn” and “Muragher”, participated in the conference.
The 3rd Annual Model UN conference presented the work of 3 committees: Human Rights Council, Security Council and UNICEF.
“What does participation in the UN Model mean? At this conference, participants develop their leadership skills, learn to represent the interests of different countries, expand their horizon, and model future possible history moves. Participants also develop their communication skills, improving their knowledge of the language, learning to speak diplomatically and at the level of representatives of the country», organizers said.
The purpose of this event is to spread the MUN movement among students and draw attention to global issues.