Mission of the Library


Ensuring the educational process and self-education through library and information-bibliographic services for students and teachers:

  • Building the work of the school library according to the plan for teaching and educational work in the school;

  • Teaching readers the use of books and other information carriers, search, selection and ability to evaluate information;

  • Improvement of traditional and development of new library technologies;

  • Formation of the library fund in accordance with educational programs;

  • Expansion of the range of library and information services;

  •  Issuing bibliographic references, compiling lists of literature for students and teachers;

  • Speeches at the teachers’ councils, parental meetings, methodical associations as new educational and methodical literature is received.


Main functions

    This is the promotion of the educational process, the involvement of children in the values of world and national culture.
    We conduct classes on mastering the skills of working with a book, obtaining information;
    Organization of work with the book on extracurricular reading and in support of the subject weeks;
    The organization of visual propaganda in the walls of the library, in the school, in the offices, information about new entries in the library.

Individual work with readers

    Studying readers’ interests of schoolchildren;
    Individual work with readers
    Work with the reader’s asset;
    Work with the teaching staff of the school, (information for teachers, presentations at the teachers’ councils, meetings with reading analysis and other problems of the library).

Educational work

    Forming the skills of the independent library user in schoolchildren; (Training in the use of information carriers, selection, search and critical evaluation of information);
    Formation of skills of work with the book;
    Formation of students’ personality through cultural heritage (talks, literary games, matinees, quizzes, literary pursuits;
    Popularization of the best documents by library forms, the organization of exhibitions and stands, the conduct of cultural and mass work;
    Lessons of extracurricular reading (primary classes);
    Creating a library asset and working with it;
    Activities in support of the educational process.