The Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Chemistry and Biology in Karaganda was opened on February 1, 2013. It became the eighth Intellectual school launched on the initiative of the Head of State. Intellectual school is designed for 720 students. For non-resident children provides a dormitory for 120 beds.
The NIS KhBN hostel in Karaganda is not only a place to live, but also a new social microenvironment, defining promising areas of moral and spiritual development of a person, overcoming the difficulties and contradictions of the process of teaching students to the new social – living conditions.
For successful events, the hostel has a sufficient material base. Participate in good living conditions, close to home. There are equipped with modern equipment medical rooms, computer, classrooms, household room, laundry, creative workshop “Shabyt”.

Nazarbayev’s dormitory of the intellectual school of chemical and biological science is the perfect conditions for living, studying, communicating and
self-improvement. In addition, it is also an amazing opportunity to learn how to organize and maintain order and cleanliness simply because several students live in the same room. And most importantly, the hostel is a place where friendships are established, which can last a lifetime!

Parents are integral members of the intellectual school and play an important role in their child’s achieving positive results in
learning We sincerely hope that you, dear parents, will take reasonable part in all the events of our common home.
In particular, communication with teachers, curators and subject teachers.


The beginning of life in a hostel is a serious test for most children, and especially for seventh grade students, associated with a sharp change in the whole way of life. They should get used to the collective of children, to new requirements, to teachers, educators, to daily duties, to the mode of the day, learn to be able to obey to the routine of school life, the life of the hostel. At the beginning of the settlement of students in the hostel, communication with the house is especially important, but there are certain rules for communicating by phone at certain times.
Parents are advised not to call during class, eating, or during the end of the day.