IQanat Hackathon : new knowledge, experience and opportunities

Pupils of rural schools from Aktobe, West Kazakhstan, Abay and South Kazakhstan regions return from Karaganda with new experience and new knowledge.

The full report for four days was presented at the exhibition, which surprised NIS teachers with a variety of projects ranging from mobile applications for people with disabilities to educational sites dedicated to the native land and historical figures, and educational games.

Raiymbek Kasken and Mirat Mukan from the North Kazakhstan region created a website and a mobile application dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the famous Kazakh teacher and scientist Akhmet Baitursynov:

– As part of the Hackathon , we have mastered a lot of IT skills. As a result, we have developed a website and an application dedicated to the life and work of Akhmet Baitursynov. Thus, we want to popularize our great figures among the youth.

In their free time, the hackathon participants took part in trainings aimed at improving leadership skills, got acquainted with such NIS projects as the Local history research expedition “ Tugan elge tagzym”, “ Kazakhtyn 100 ani” and “Kazakhtyn 100 kuyi ”. At the stations “Entertaining mathematics”, “Theatrical miniatures”, ” Bilim battle ”, “Entertaining chemistry”, organized by subject teachers of the Intellectual School, tested their knowledge. On excursions we visited the sights of Karaganda and learned a lot of interesting things about the history of the unique region.

“Every day was unique and interesting. I am glad that I was lucky enough to take part in the hackathon , I am sure that all the knowledge will definitely come in handy for me” – shared Oleg Gusev from the village of Presnovka, North Kazakhstan region.

In mathematical battle three students, Yelzhas Dulatuly, Amir Kairzhanov, Igor Salavatov. were in top 3.